Month: October 2017

Update and info for the Online Course

An update on the online course:
To register interest for the course, sign up here.
The course is currently being written and filmed, and if all things go well, by mid-November, it should be online. When finished it should be somewhere around 6 hours in lectures, with many checklists and exercises involved, it is roughly an eight-hour course in total. The price will be around £39.
This course itself is my attempt a few years ago to reverse engineer my writing, so I better understand it. I also look to a few other writers for what works for them, while I’m also fascinated about how the media landscape evolves. From all that I have put together an extremely practical course that will help you look at sport in a new way, and should allow you to express your words in the best way possible to write quality pieces and grab attention while doing so.
The course has already been run in London and attended by people who have never written about sport through to people who write professionally already. Writers of all experience have said this has helped them. The course was deliberately designed for people of varying writing backgrounds.
This is not a sports journalist course, some facets of journalism are covered, but it is really about writing better about sports. It is also not a course that will tell you how to structure a sentence better; it is not a how-to-write course, although there are many tips and sections on how to improve your writing. This course is mainly about opening up your mind to the many possibilities of sports writing, how to plan and how to train your mind into what to look for.
The course is very much aimed at finding out who you are as a sports fan and using that to guide you into being the best sports writer you can be.
Areas covered:
Why sport matters
Your favourite player
Guide to the pressbox
Writing tools
Game time checklist
The story of sport
Types of pieces to write
Advice on news, data and interviews
Help on breaking into the industry
Audio and visuals
How to find stories
A thorough guide to writing a feature
The course is a series of lectures, checklists, guides and exercises that are designed to make you focus on what it is you love about sport, and then how to write better about it.
I’ll be back in touch soon with a firm date for the release.I n the meantime, why not check out the facebook page about the course where I take a closer look at quality sports writing.