Month: May 2019

New London based courses – 20 July

In July I will be hosting some more London based (SE20) courses.

On the 20th of July I will be doing an all day course. (This was down as the 6th originally, but it turns out I am an idiot)

If there is enough interest there will also be a mid week course – running over 4 weeks – from late July to August.

The classes cost £100, and class sizes are limited.


If you’ve heard enough, and you’re in, email me here. With your preference for Saturday or midweek.

If you can’t make it to London there is always the online course.

The course is based on my career as a bloke who parked cars for a living at 27, and at 38 is the global writer for ESPNcricinfo. I had no qualification in journalism, contacts, or any idea how the media worked. So the course is me reverse engineering my career, looking at media trends and other people who have been successful. The idea is that it can help people become better writers, with practically ways of thinking and writing about sport. There are lectures, examples and also some in class work.

It will cover:

Who you are as a writer

How to think about athletes and teams

What kind of articles you can write

My biggest fuck ups

How to find sport stories

The tools of modern sports writing

A guide to interviewing

How to write for different publications

A start to finish guide on long-form writing

Data and writing

Breaking into the industry

Podcasting, videos and film

And Giant Lizard Theory

More info on the course here.



100 quid


Saturday, 20 July.

If you are interested in booking email me here for queries.

Location: A place in SE20, London.